I was in trouble. I had to move my young family across America in just a few short weeks, from the comfort of the Midwest to the unknown bustle of Los Angeles. And I needed it all. The perfect neighborhood. Great schools. A house that fit my work needs, my wife’s preferences and my four and one-year-olds growth and development. I needed to be near the water. Needed to be near the 405. I needed to feel that while uprooting my family I would be able to set them in a perfect place, around great people, in a home that filled us with joy and comfort. Needed it to happen in a few weeks, and to find the place during a two-day trip. I needed hardwood floors, a great outdoor space, three bedrooms, a workspace, the right garden…
It was impossible.
And then I met Kathleen Cartier. She understood exactly what I needed, and at once she took my budget, honed in on my requirements, clipped away the places that could not work and got me into homes – some that had been closed to others hunting for a place to live – that made me realize everything would be OK. Not just OK, but great. She bargained on my behalf, she helped me make sense of a labyrinth of areas and options, and she did it all with kindness, warmth and utter professionalism. I’ve lived a lot of places – Iowa, Chicago, Kansas City, London, St. Louis, Miami, Washington, DC, Oklahoma City – and I’ve never met a more qualified, dedicated, capable real estate agent. I can’t imagine there’s anyone anywhere else more deserving to be recognized for excellence than Kathleen.

Bill Reiter, ESPN Sports Analyst & Broadcast Journalist

I have known Kathleen Cartier professionally and personally for over 13 years. She is one of the most professional, ethical, hard working people I have ever met. Kathleen is constantly going over and above the call of duty for her clients. She is passionate, diplomatic, creative and willing to do almost anything in the best interest of her clients. On the other end of the spectrum, Kathleen is one of the few agents who works well with everyone in the business and in fact has a stellar reputation among agents, mortgage brokers and all other service providers in the industry. It is often hard to balance being a diligent advocate on behalf of your clients while maintaining longstanding close relationships with peers…but Kathleen does it seamlessly. She is known for pricing her properties at the exact price to drive the market and obtain the highest possible amount for her sellers. She is also such a tough negotiator that her
reputation for securing purchases for her buyers at great prices is also top notch. I cannot say enough about how much I respect and admire Kathleen.

Lauren Forbes, Real Estate Agent Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Inc.

Nobody stays at the top of any business for as long as Kathleen has been a top Realtor in the South Bay if you are not professional, competent, smart and a good person. I mean damn good person. Her longevity in a cutthroat business and her successes speak for themselves. Kathleen rolls with the best. She is the best.
If you are lucky enough to know Kathleen Cartier you were lucky enough to have met one of the most beautiful, honest and caring human beings on planet earth. Real Estate is the excuse for Kathleen to practice her God-given kindness and her vocation for helping and serving others.
I met Kathleen in 1996 when we were looking to relocate back to Manhattan Beach. Our financial situation was tight as I was between jobs. For 6-8 months Kathleen explored every possibility until she found our dream home. She negotiated the terms, helped us with the loan and we opened escrow. However, the week we were closing escrow, I became ill, lost my new job and was unable to work for a while. We panicked. I called Kathleen, broke the news and told her to pull the plug on the purchase. On top of that, unexpected expenses forced us to use some of the money we needed to close escrow. We kissed our dream home goodbye… This is when Kathleen is at her best. She helped us see that this unfortunate situation was temporary and that buying a home was for life. She convinced us to go ahead with the purchase, sat down with the loan broker and convinced him to reduce his commission so we can close escrow and pretty much held our hand through the process. Oh, by the way, she also took a big cut on her commission and didn’t collect a penny until we were back on our feet. Who does this for a stranger? Kathleen became a friend for life.
Few years later as the economy weakened after 9/11, it became difficult for us to maintain our home. We met with Kathleen and told her that we may need to list the house for sale and move somewhere else. The real estate market was hot in Manhattan Beach and homes were selling fast. What realtor does not want to have a listing in such
market? Kathleen looked at our situation, grabbed her calculator and showed us that selling our home would be the dumbest thing we can do. She was right again. We made some adjustments, weathered the storm and kept the house.
Finally, a few years ago when our marriage came to an end we called Kathleen again to help us through with her advice. By now a close friend of the family she was caught in the middle of a difficult divorce, dealing with both of us trying to bring some sense into making the best decision with regards to the house. For the third time her advice was “do not sell unless you have to.” She was right again. Had we sold the house at that time we would have lost all the equity we had in a down market. We are now divorced. We still own the house and remain ever close to Kathleen. She is a champion. She is the best of the champions.
Thank you Kathleen!!! We love you.

Ernesto Ure, Covenant Realty Commercial Real Estate Broker

As a Mortgage Professional for the past 29 years – I have dealt with many realtors and their clients in the pursuit of the America Dream to own a home. Since starting in this business I was fortunate enough to develop a long-term business and personal relationship with Kathleen Cartier. Without a doubt, Kathleen is one of a kind. She is truly dedicated to her clients and her craft.
I have seen Kathleen interact with many clients and each time she amazes me with her ability to negotiate and then handle many complex transactions at once. Her long list of repeat clients is a testament to her skills. I would describe Kathleen in a number of ways: Personable, detail oriented, knowledgeable, smart, creative, fair, and always staying until the job is done (each and every day). Her car is almost always the last one in the lot at night. She is relentless in a good way. She does her job in a caring and compassionate way- never cutting corners and looking at each angle so that problems can be avoided entirely. Even in cases where she might not be the one compensated- she will help a client.
In one example this past year- her clients were selling a home and closing soon- with 3 weeks, and they needed to be out of the home. She was very concerned about them finding a new place to rent- it was not just their problem- she made sure she helped to get them into a new location –taking her valuable time without really being compensated as they were going into a rental. Others might have just left the client to deal with that on their own. She truly cared and made sure they would be able transition smoothly.
The amazing part of Kathleen’s story is that she has persevered throughout the great times and tough times. Each
day she diligently and methodically helps her clients. She has an incredible work ethic and it’s geared around helping each client equally- from the high-end client to the first time budget buyer.
She is a true Professional…

Denise Thomas, Mortgage Lender Wells Fargo, Inc.

Since 1977, I have hired, trained, mentored and managed well over 2,000 residential agents in SoCal. I did not originally interview, hire, train or mentor Kathleen Cartier and up until May 1st, 1989, I did not have anything to do with managing her; nevertheless, I knew of her from afar. She “hit the ground running” and has never looked back. I distinctly recall that she opened something like five escrows in her first month in the business and the rumor mill went wild. How was she doing so much so quickly? Surely she was doing something unethical, illegal, immoral – all of the above.
How wrong everyone was. What we were witnessing was the beginning of a long successful career of a phenomenon that has gone on to have many, many such months along the way. Simply put, of all of the agents that I have had any direct access to, Kathleen Cartier would head my list all things considered. She is a legend and it stems from hard work and consistent effort. Drive by our 917 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Office in Manhattan Beach at just about any hour from 8 a.m. to midnight and you’ll see her Jaguar parked out front. She is incredible with her dedication to our profession and, frankly, I don’t know how she does all that she does.
If you were to ask me to build a model to represent all that is “Holy” in a residential real estate agent to include years of service, work ethic, volume of business, referral business from past clients, prospecting for new business, respected by her peers, a great mother and wife, involvement with her community and an example for new as well as veteran agents, I would present to you Kathleen Cartier.
I wish that I had a company full of Kathleen Cartier’s as she is the BEST I’ve seen – all around. I hope that she receives the recognition that she so richly deserves. She has already received the Summit Award that we as a company present to our “most respected agent” as voted by her fellow agents and to have that same recognition at a higher level of organized real estate would be fantastic and well deserved.

Michael “Mike” J. Collins, VP & GM - Shorewood Realtors, Inc.

Kathleen Cartier has been our agent for 22 years and during that time she represented us in four property sales and two property purchases. There cannot be enough said about Kathleen’s professionalism and knowledge of the market in the South Bay of Los Angeles, California. During our first real estate representation by Kathleen, she was able to sell two properties and close on one purchase simultaneously within 45 days. Negotiations and
closing on all properties went smoothly and without issue. Our second property sale in which Kathleen represented us resulted in a full price offer within one day of being on the market. Our other sale and purchase went equally as smooth, and during the last sale, she was able to secure multiple, competing offers on our property within seven days of being on the market, while similar properties had been sitting out there for many months with no activity. She is a brilliant strategist in marketing a property. Her skill as a negotiator on price and terms for both a sale and purchase are exceptional. We would never even consider using another agent other than Kathleen Cartier. She is dedicated, can be reached at any time, and gets things done quickly and to the satisfaction of all parties. With Kathleen, if there is a will, there is a way, and she will find it. We have always admired Kathleen for her enthusiasm, positive attitude, tenacity and ingenuity.

Rick and Kathy Barrett, Retired Executive (previously with Raytheon)

My parents first used Kathleen Cartier about 6 years ago when they moved to the South Bay. Since then she has been our family realtor. She helped me buy my first house and 6 months ago helped upgrade me to my dream home with my husband. She went above and beyond to make sure we got this house especially since there were 10 offers on it. Last month she helped my brother get a home that was another bidding war. She also did everything possible to get our previous houses sold in less than a week. You know the job is getting done right when working with Kathleen. She always takes care of her clients and is a true friend as well.
Kathleen Cartier is the ultimate professional. She works hard. She is committed to her clients and to her profession.

Melanie Ervin & Family, Retired President of Northrop Grumman (Gary Ervin)